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Richmond, Virginia


1333 W Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220
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Call: 804.716.1020

Daily Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am – 10pm

Sunday: Noon to 9pm

For our fourth location, we decided to expand into Richmond, Virginia with big dreams of what we could offer. We opened our doors December 17, 2020 and hit the ground running. This store became a local favorite overnight and it is not hard to see why. You can walk through our custom-built gallery and see the intricate details of each piece up close and personal.

We have traveled to glass conventions like CHAMPS and Glass Vegas in order to stock our shelves with the best heady glass from all over the country. We also love supporting the many local glass artists in the area. That’s why we are their first stop in town!

You won’t find a larger collection of locally blown glass anywhere else in the city. We carry top glass brands like Mothership, Roor, Medicali, Sheldon Black, and MJ Arsenal along with a variety of accessories to choose from that will enhance your smoking experience.

Our staff will help you pick out the right equipment for you. With brands like Bear Quartz, Temple, and Nastee, we have your banger needs covered and for cost-effective options, we have Glasslab 303 and Envy among others. Don’t forget your mood matt!

Store | Richmond - Image 07
Store | Richmond - Image 013

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or a beginner, we have the right cigar for you. Our walk-in humidor is a masterpiece with ceiling-to-floor shelves packed with brands like Cohiba, Ashton, Rocky Patel, Gurkha, and Padron. Let’s not forget the flavored cigars like Drew Estates, Tatianas, or CAO.

You can also find plenty of cigar accessories like Colibri windproof lighters. Perfect for when you are out on the boat or having a game of golf, don’t let the wind hold you back from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.

Along with the standard accessories you can find at all our locations, we carry the Nugsmasher as it sets us apart from the rest. These purpose-built machines are exclusively designed for Rosin extraction. Come by and check them out!

Our staff will be happy to explain how they work and answer any questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to use a solvent, like butane or propane, or going solventless, Capitol Smoke will have what’s needed to get you going in your concentrate endeavor.

From industrial to personal size presses, Capitol Smoke will have you covered no matter the budget or square footage available to you. Micromesh screens and pure solvents to microfiber bags and parchment, or glass tubing and clamps, Capitol Smoke has everything required for your extraction process. We also carry things to help with decarboxylation and infusions.

The magical butter machine is just one of many such machines carried by us. However, you will find all your usual favorites such as Game, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods alogn with Zig Zag, Element, and RAW for all your tobacco and rolling needs. With shelves fully stocked with disposable vapes, smoke odor candles, incense and more to choose from, we have all your smoke shop needs in one convenient place.

It is hard to believe it has been over a year since we opened! It’s true what they say about time flying when you are having fun and if you haven’t been to one of our events yet, don’t worry we will be having more throughout the upcoming year.

Store | Richmond - Image 010
Store | Richmond - Image 018

From our larger events on 4/20 to our artist collaboration glass shows, keep a look out for our next big event and take advantage of our amazing sales! Until then, we hope to see you pass by as we do our best to create a proper smoke shop experience in Richmond.

We had big hopes and dreams as of what we could offer Richmond in terms of the very best Smoke & glass shop. Many long days went into this creation; an expansion of what has been created down in NC with our patriarchal stores: Island Tobacco in Nags Head, Capitol Smoke in Raleigh & Capitol Smoke in Elizabeth City.

“Experience a Proper smoke Shop” is our motto. We want to provide the best in quality of products for the communities we serve. We will teach you everything we know.

Every interaction is special, and we always do our best to give you quality headie glass at a quality headie price. The glass community is a family we are all about growing and supporting, especially here in Richmond.

Here’s what we have left from the @iv_glass “for tobacco use only” show. Just a few tubes all at stellar prices. Stop on by and check ‘em out. #capitolsmoke #capitolsmokerichmond #headshop #glassshow #tubes #bongs #fortobaccouseonlyofcourse ...

Little bit of @hefeglass for everyone down at the shop.

Blown away as always with this pure talent.

Honest you need to just come check these pieces out in person. The way each one looks a little different each time you look at it in a different lighting is truly magic.

#sherlock #jammer #chillum #unipipe #batpipe #glasspipes #rvaglassshop #richmondglassshop #rvaheadshop #richmondheadshop #treatyourself

This last glass showcase with @iv_glass feels like a full circle moment for us here at Captiol.

Showing off with his impeccable straight tubes large & in charge alongside dainty little gems.

Strutting his stuff with a new design in splash guard/ash catcher work.

We had the best time with everyone that rolled through. Bobby is the dude ✌🏻

Keep your eyes & ears to the ground for the next gathering of like minds.

#rvaglass #rvaglassshop #rvaheadshop #rvasmokeshop #straighttubes #newglass #ivglass #customwork #fuctionalart #richmondvaglass #richmondheadshop #richmondglassshop S/o to @jawncostco for a stellar video re-cap!!

Everyone loves a good card game & when you combine smoker knowledge with quick wit you get #cannabeast ! @cannabeastgamingtcg

The official trading card game that rolls up the collecting and cannabis enthusiast community together. Enjoy fun & creative gameplay that’s easy to understand because we all know that sometimes after a sesh, things can eat pretty hard to follow!

Come get your game on!

#stonergames #cannabeast #rvasmokeshop #richmondsmokeshop #rvaheadshop #cardgame #stonerknowledge #richmondheadshop

WE ARE EXACTLY ONE WEEK AWAY FROM “For tobacco use only” glass show featuring @iv_glass here at @capitolsmokerva. We will have an array of tubes available in all price points. @iv_glass is a talented glass blower out of RVA. Everyday working to hone his craft in making badass, functioning, reliable, elegant water pipes. SEPTEMBER 9th is the date and the times will be from 1pm to 6pm!!! 420 FRIENDLY EVENT SO BRING A DOOBIE OR TUBIE!!!! Collabs with local favorites. Food will be served on us. Music will be provided by the best vinyl spinners we know. MARK YOUR CALENDARS THIS COMIMG SATURDAY!! Hope to see y’all then 🤙🤟🤘#richmond #rva #capitolsmoke #capitolsmokerichmond #ivglass #fortobbaccouseonly #bong #glassshow ...

These clever little friends come to us from the one and only @yunkglass

Mesmerizing & sandblasted from hammers and jammers to pendy friends. Pop in to see this stellar work and make one yours!

#rvasmokeshop #highclassglass #richmondglass #richmondsmokeshop #rvaglass #sandblastedglass #hammerpipe #pendants

GETTING CLOSER TO OUR NEXT SHOW HERE SEPTEMBER 9th!!! Here at @capitolsmokerva we will be hosting the badass @iv_glass “FOR TOBACCO USE ONLY” show. FREE FOOD provided by us and cooked by our friend @tadedmonds.rva. Music by our bud @bloodshot_scottt. SHOW TIME 1-6pm. Bring a doobie, bring a friend, and come look at some badass smoking lamps. ...

This is a sign to clean your pieces!!

We want to take care of our lungs and our glass alike, so here’s a product from @formula420 to help you keep your piece lookin fresh after every hit!

Products Used in This Video:

✨Formula 420 Cleaner
✨Formula 420 Detailing Brush (3pk)
✨Formula 420 Silicone Covers


Share, like and follow for more ✨🫶

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Today we announce our next up coming glass show with the local glassblowing badass @iv_glass. We come from a time of “for tobacco use only” was a thing we all had to say and do. So to pay homage to those times we’re having a BONG SHOW!!! There will be an array of glass by @iv_glass as well as new styles never seen before, collabs with the best, and high fives to go around. DATE:September 9th TIME: 1pm-6pm. FOOD BY OUR FRIEND: @tadedmonds.rva So mark your calendars. This will be a 420 friendly event. Any question please hit the DMs and as always thank y’all for your continued support. ...

Limited run of these slick tees will be available for purchase at the @punksforpresentsrva silent art auction here at @capitolsmokerva JULY 22nd 1-6pm. S/o to @dirkhays for the art and @goldensqueegeerva for brining it to life. ...

(MONDAY 7/10/2023) That time of the year again. 7/10 is the day for dab heads and stoners alike. Sale will be going on all day 10am to 10pm. Stop by and give a high five 🙌 we look forward to laughing with y’all. 🤜🔥🤛 ...

It’s looking like Christmas in July here at capitol smoke and we are honored to be hosting a silent art auction to raise money for the @punksforpresentsrva. This won’t be your normal art show. We will have a bunch of different styles of art from glass to clothing to canvas. There will be a bit of everything to be seen here JULY 22nd 1-6pm. FREE FOOD (while supplies last) CHEF @tadedmonds.rva and special guest chef @brian.blevins58 will be on the grill. @bloodshot_scottt on the decks. Really looking forward to this event and what we can bring to the ones who need it more. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE PUNKS FOR PRESENTS FOUNDATION. Stay tuned as we will be posting the donations as they come in. Till then HO HO HO 🎁 ...

🔥🔥🔥New @oj_flame drop has landed and is in full swing. Stop by the shop and check the drop out. Any questions feel free to hit the DM’s. @oj_flame does an amazing job of giving you and exceptional functioning tube at a friendly cost. With color accents and a dry catchers to match. Little bit of wig waggin! These are a solid smoking apparatus for any daily driver. 🤟stay elevated my friends 🤜🔥🤛 ...

WELL WELL WELL!!! It has been a couple weeks since @roosterglass shared his Stomping Grounds here at @capitolsmokerva and let me start with a big THANK YOU!! It takes a village for sure so here are a few S/o to all the help….It was a blast hosting such a talented artist such as @roosterglass and all y’all beautiful folks that came out in support. Thank you to all the collab artist for some super sonic collaborations. Thank you DJ for spinning the decks an creating that musical background. @fat_tylers_meats_n_such_ for serving up some amazing meat dogs and making peoples tummy’s feel yummy. @analog.artworks for helping giving our store front some style and telling the people what’s coming. We got @jawncostco on the video end capturing the vibes that is Richmond glass community, you the man. @fastglass_rva for last minute clutch moves. @thecorkconnect and his unique style and grace. @moodmats for protecting the glass with love. One last time y’all and everyone that came. Much love and high fives to everyone, till the next time. ...

THIS SATURDAY May 27th - VIP 12pm - Public 1pm to 6pm- @roosterglass Stomping Grounds glass show is gonna be pretty badasss. From solos to collabs with the greats! It’s gonna be a sight to see! Rain, shine, sleet or snow the show will be going on. Food will be served by @fat_tylers_meats_n_such_ and the decks will be spun by @samaz0nprime 🤜🔥🤛 so stop on by, give a high five and check out this amazing work @roosterglass has worked so hard to bring to life. Some might say brick@by brick. ...

Coming up in less then a week! Saturday MAY 27th. Vip 12pm then Public 1pm to 6pm. Here at @capitolsmokerva we will be celebrating the talents of our own local glass melter @roosterglass. Collabs you won’t wanna miss. Food will be provided by @fat_tylers_meats_n_such_ and the Norma krew spinning on the decks. VIP TICKETS STILL Available. DM to inquire about getting one. Mark your calendars and look forward to seeing everyone!!! #capitolsmoke #capitolsmokerichmond #glassshow #local #rva #richmond #supportsmallbusiness #goodvibes shout out to @moodmats for crushing yet another mat. Also @dangervisual for helping with the design. ...

Ain`t done yet, we have a wide range of @2kglassart in this drop.

Another duo tomorrow folks, keep ya eyes peeled.

#glass2023 #richmondglassshop #rvaglassshop #420culture #fuctionalglass #glassofig #smokesomething #waterpipes #bongsalesman #richmondheadshop #rvaheadshop #smokeshop

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE our VIP tickets for the upcoming “stomping grounds” glass show here featuring the one and only @roosterglass. We appreciate your patience and excited to share what we got. Thanks to the skills of @thecorkconnect we have somthing special to offer those who are interested in the purchase of a VIP ticket. -VIP STARTS A 12PM 🕰️ -WE HAVE 15 VIP TICKETS AVAILABLE
-VIP TICKET WILL BE $100 🎟️ -THIS WILL GET YOU- 👉1 hand drawn custom cork mat numbered by @thecorkconnect 👉A @roosterglass Sticker Packet 👉ONE HOUR EARLY ENTRY AND chill sesh with the artist. 👉ALSO the $100 used to purchase your VIP ticket can also be put towards your purchase of a pipe from the “Stomping Grounds” glass show.
-Get them while you can and as always thank y’all for your continued support

"Hello, my name is Alberto Carmona. I am the creator of 2kglassart. Despite working in a glass company in 2004 and I loved glass art, I worked for ROOR and for ZOB and hitman and also for jmflow and finally I built my brand inspired by everything I learned from the art of glass!"

Dropping some more of this wizzards work tomorrow , keep your eyes peeled!

#rvaheadshop #rvasmokeshop #rvasmallbusiness #richmondglassshop #richmondheadshop #richmondsmokeshop #rva #420culture

We are so pleased with the @2kglassart we received recently. Here are just two of the big bozi we snagged.

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest.

#glassart #rvaglassshop #fuctionalglass #waterpipes #richmondglassshop #rvaheadshop #richmondheadshop #smokeshop

@jawncostco thank yo so much homie for capturing the true essence & magic of our community this past 4/20!!

We can`t say much else but thank you and we love you RVA!

Thank you too @doh_bakery_breads , @whatchaburnin , @vipcuts1333 & @billycrystalfingers for setting up and hanging out all day bringing the sweet treats, rolling papers , good eats and groovy tunes! The day would have not been the same with out y`all!

This was our third celebration of the holiday and we`d say it was the best yet🫶

Cannot wait till the next 4/20!

#420culture #rvasmoke #richmondheadshop #rvasmokeshop #glassshop #smokesomething #rvaglass #richmondglass #rollup #burnonedown #headshop

We’re super stoked to announce “Stomping grounds” a glass show with the one and only @roosterglass. A local legend known for his exquisite style and finesse with his glass. EVENT will be MAY 27th. FROM 1pm to 6pm. VIP will be available and we will have more information on that in the coming weeks. @fat_tylers_meats_n_such_ will also be in the house with his delicious badass cuisine. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! This one has been in the works for a while so be ready for somthing special you won’t wanna miss. #stompinggrounds #roosterglass #capitolsmoke #capitolsmokerichmond S/O to @dangervisual for helping with the flyer. #teamwork #ittakesavillage #glassshow ...