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Richmond, Virginia


1333 W Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220
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Call: 804.716.1020

Daily Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am – 10pm

Sunday: Noon to 9pm

For our fourth location, we decided to expand into Richmond, Virginia with big dreams of what we could offer. We opened our doors December 17, 2020 and hit the ground running. This store became a local favorite overnight and it is not hard to see why. You can walk through our custom-built gallery and see the intricate details of each piece up close and personal.

We have traveled to glass conventions like CHAMPS and Glass Vegas in order to stock our shelves with the best heady glass from all over the country. We also love supporting the many local glass artists in the area. That’s why we are their first stop in town!

You won’t find a larger collection of locally blown glass anywhere else in the city. We carry top glass brands like Mothership, Roor, Medicali, Sheldon Black, and MJ Arsenal along with a variety of accessories to choose from that will enhance your smoking experience.

Our staff will help you pick out the right equipment for you. With brands like Bear Quartz, Temple, and Nastee, we have your banger needs covered and for cost-effective options, we have Glasslab 303 and Envy among others. Don’t forget your mood matt!

Store | Richmond - Image 07
Store | Richmond - Image 013

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or a beginner, we have the right cigar for you. Our walk-in humidor is a masterpiece with ceiling-to-floor shelves packed with brands like Cohiba, Ashton, Rocky Patel, Gurkha, and Padron. Let’s not forget the flavored cigars like Drew Estates, Tatianas, or CAO.

You can also find plenty of cigar accessories like Colibri windproof lighters. Perfect for when you are out on the boat or having a game of golf, don’t let the wind hold you back from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.

Along with the standard accessories you can find at all our locations, we carry the Nugsmasher as it sets us apart from the rest. These purpose-built machines are exclusively designed for Rosin extraction. Come by and check them out!

Our staff will be happy to explain how they work and answer any questions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to use a solvent, like butane or propane, or going solventless, Capitol Smoke will have what’s needed to get you going in your concentrate endeavor.

From industrial to personal size presses, Capitol Smoke will have you covered no matter the budget or square footage available to you. Micromesh screens and pure solvents to microfiber bags and parchment, or glass tubing and clamps, Capitol Smoke has everything required for your extraction process. We also carry things to help with decarboxylation and infusions.

The magical butter machine is just one of many such machines carried by us. However, you will find all your usual favorites such as Game, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods alogn with Zig Zag, Element, and RAW for all your tobacco and rolling needs. With shelves fully stocked with disposable vapes, smoke odor candles, incense and more to choose from, we have all your smoke shop needs in one convenient place.

It is hard to believe it has been over a year since we opened! It’s true what they say about time flying when you are having fun and if you haven’t been to one of our events yet, don’t worry we will be having more throughout the upcoming year.

Store | Richmond - Image 010
Store | Richmond - Image 018

From our larger events on 4/20 to our artist collaboration glass shows, keep a look out for our next big event and take advantage of our amazing sales! Until then, we hope to see you pass by as we do our best to create a proper smoke shop experience in Richmond.

We had big hopes and dreams as of what we could offer Richmond in terms of the very best Smoke & glass shop. Many long days went into this creation; an expansion of what has been created down in NC with our patriarchal stores: Island Tobacco in Nags Head, Capitol Smoke in Raleigh & Capitol Smoke in Elizabeth City.

“Experience a Proper smoke Shop” is our motto. We want to provide the best in quality of products for the communities we serve. We will teach you everything we know.

Every interaction is special, and we always do our best to give you quality headie glass at a quality headie price. The glass community is a family we are all about growing and supporting, especially here in Richmond.

Whoa, Happy Birthday to the one and only @fastglass_rva !! 32 revelations around that gassy ball in the sky!! Wild ride eh?!

If you weren't fortunate enough to swing by and enjoy the viewing pleasure of the work of this artist ... sorry but you missed out 🙃🫠🫶

We love you though! 😂 and you are in luck we have a few pieces scattering our shelves still!

Wanna thank first and foremost the artist for being born and for choosing our shop for his first glass drop/showcase. Our incredible team here at Captiol & the crunchy tunes of @billycrystalfingers & other wizards on the decks for bringing the hospitality and energy for the day. And the man @jawncostco for this SICK capturing of the day!!! Killing my friends; we are doing the damn thing! Fly high folks! #staysafe

We've got more glass gatherings and community fun in the world for the rest of the year! Keep your eyes peeled!

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-HUSTLE ON BROAD- POSTPONED TILL APRIL 7th!!!!!!!This Friday here at capitol smoke! We will be hosting 10 local hustlers and their wears from clothing to knick nacks! 4pm to 8pm.
Everyone is welcome. THIS IS A WEATHER PERMITTED EVENT!!! IF WE HAVE RAIN WE WILL NOT BE HOSTING THIS EVENT. @dreampilgrim.collective @my_hoodie_lic @otakurva @delectabledyes @ehffor7 @lucky27brand
-Virginia Traditions- Dirty Rice cookies-@ficus_mans_forge

January Capitol Cares Drawing has come to an end! JAWON A. YOU’RE THE WINNER!!!!Thank you @otakurva for your love and support, thank you to everyone who donated to the @autismsocietycentralva we couldn’t do it without y’all’s support. Our community is the best. #yallrock #givealittle ...

Orchestrated by @13plants804 and hosted by the wonderful @homegrown_va , we are pleased to support and promote @februaryfirerva !!

Growers will be competing for best new grower, best indoor, best outdoor, best autoflower, best photoperiod, and best overall. It's all based on judges feedback, and the flower is all being sampled blind (they don't know anything about the entries when they're evaluating them).

Lab results will be provided from all growers, including a full panel of cannabinoids and terpenes for each entry

The Awards Ceremony will be on Saturday, Feb 25 at @homegrown_va , 1704 Arlington Rd. Doors open at 11:00, and it will be free to attend. We'll announce winners at noon, and have samples of each entry for everyone to check out and enjoy together all afternoon. There will be some raffles during the day, vendors, and generally good times!

Don’t miss this tasty little shindig happened just up the street & around the corner 🫶

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A common question after an autism diagnosis is “what is the cause of autism?”We know that there's no one cause of autism. Research suggests that autism develops from a combination of genetic and nongenetic, or environmental, influences. These influences appear to increase the risk that a child will develop autism.

On average an estimated 1 in 44 children will be born on the spectrum.

More than 5.4 million adults in the U.S. or 2.2% of the U.S. population fall on autism spectrum.

To bring awareness and comfort for those adjusting to life on the spectrum this month we are joining @otakurva to raise a little dough for the @autismsocietycentralva !

Raffle tickets are $1 a piece. Contest goes January 8th - February 8th. Winner will be chosen on the evening of February 8th and receive a stacked exotic snack pack to enjoy!

“The number of children born with Autism grows every year, which is mind blowing to me. My 3 year old has Autism. My girlfriend has some family that is Autistic, and many of my old co workers have autistic children. Definitely want to raise awareness; for instance, Elon Musk has a form a Autism so …. it’s not all bad. If worked with correctly these children can take over the world like him.” @otakurva

Have y’all checked these snacks out at the shop? They are TASTY! 😻

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Again; wanna share appreciation to all those who came out and showed support for “If @map_glass stole Christmas” we appreciate the one of one collaborative works brought to us by Map & @steinackerart , @lizwrightglass @stevenbakerart @pipemaker @pipedealer & @justincarterglass 🤙🏻🫠🖖🏻thank you @jklotsko for creating this highlight reel. 🙏thank you to the Capitol Collective homies we have working for us helping making dreams reality.

We hope this holiday you are fortunate enough to spend time with some of your loved ones. Thank you for welcoming us to the city thes past few years 🎄💗 Happy Chrisfmahanakwanzika!!

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Recap of the @map_glass drop!

(I’m a newb in this lightbox ; forgive me.)

Check this heat out!!

Come check out what’s left from the @map_glass show! Plenty of good food, good vibes, and good drinks! “What if map stole Christmas?” ...