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The Smoke Shop

Originally from Nags Head, North Carolina, we decided it was time to expand and what better place to do it than the capitol? After all, it had just recently been rated as one of the best cities to live! We opened our doors March of 2014 in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Coined the “Godzilla of Smoke Shops”, our location is almost 5,000 sq ft of the widest and most extensive collection of tobacco, hemp, and vape products on the market.

Over the past 8 years, we have expanded ferociously within our walls to continue to maximize the availability and variety of products offered. In doing so, we have established a wonderful customer base and a staff that truly desires to provide you with any product you need. We are a passionate, friendly, experienced, and informative group who greatly enjoys giving the best customer service experience in the industry and it’s our goal to give you a premier shopping experience.


Monthly Showcase

We are an original participant in Raleigh’s First Friday Art Walk, where we have been able to let local musicians and artist come express and display their work freely; providing free keg beer and discounts on our merchandise. We get together as a community once a month to enjoy these evenings, with many musicians gaining their first ever exposure within our walls. You may also recognize us in a few local music videos.

For over 4 years, we have showcased various in-house glassblowers where customers were able to be face-to-face with some of the same artists that made the pieces on display. Allowing customers to watch as borosilicate glass pipes are made right inside the shop.


Largest Collection

We carry the largest and most dynamic selection of cigars in the Triangle with a gigantic, custom-built, walk-in humidor. We have cigars from all over the globe that you may freely browse at your leisure. From the lightest candelas to the darkest oscuro, we have a strength and gauge to meet everyone’s particular taste. Premier brands like Padrón, Ashton, Cohiba, Gurkha, and Rocky Patel are always available for purchase. Let’s not forget the Drew Estates, Tatianas, or CAOs if you are looking for a new flavored cigar to give a try.

With plenty of cigar torches to choose from, we have windproof torches like Colibri, Jetline, or Firebird that will get you lit in any weather condition that you might face. If you need a cigar cutter, we have V-cuts, single and double blade cutters as well as punches available for your specific cut. We are your one stop shop when visiting the triangle area for all your cigar smoking needs. If you aren’t in a hurry, you are more than welcome to sit down in our smoking area and enjoy your cigar right on the spot.


And Vape Collection

We have an ever-expanding selection of hemp products to meet the always changing trends in the industry. Capitol Smoke is Raleigh’s first and most premier Hemp and CBD retailer with the latest and greatest selection always available. Only the best will be found at our business with the best expertise to back it.

We carry exceptional brands such as New South Botanicals, Kalibloom, Cake, Potent Goat, Effex, 3Chi, and Galaxy Treats. Our products range from topicals, edibles, smokeables, sublinguals, bath products, and much more! No one has more experience or knowledge with these products in the triangle.

There are a lot of advantages to vaporizers, come on in and talk to us and we will help you select a vape that is right for you and your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to quit smoking or just prefer the vape, we carry only the latest devices in vaping. Our line of disposable nicotine brands such as Kangvape, Hyde, Juicy, Fume, Bidi, Milk, and Mr. Salts can’t be beat anywhere else in Raleigh.

We are always on top of the latest flavors and technology, so you will be able to find the juice, coil, or pod that you are looking for. We have devices that are adjustable for those that like to maximize their hit or fixed for those that want to keep it simple.


Best Selection

Our stores are known to have the best selection of glass on the east coast and this store is no exception. We have walls of glass to choose from! Being that we are so close to Ashville, we get first pick from their best artists as they travel east and north on up to Virginia to sell their stock. You can pick up a beautiful heady piece that was locally made or one that we got from one of the many conventions we travel to every year.

We have plenty of brand names to choose from like Roor, Medicali, Sheldon Black, and MJ Arsenal just to name a few. You will be sure to find a pipe that will be perfect for your smoking needs. Once fitted with the perfect smoking apparatus to suit your desires, you’ll need to start accessorizing. Added attachments to redirect, change, cool, or manipulate your smoke will always come in handy. Let us help you find the perfect dropdown, banger, goo catcher, and carb cap to ensure your session not only works great but looks great doing it.

If it’s a bucket, blender, or terp slurper you’re looking for, we’ll have it in stock for you. Carrying brands like Bear Quartz, Yo Dabba Dabba, and Nastee for higher end quartz bangers, and others such as Glasslab 303 and Envy for a cheaper borosilicate option.


Cleaners & Torches

As far as cleaners are concerned, we carry the top brands such as Formula 420, Grunge Off, and Formula 710 in either instant or soaking cleaners. We will have something that gets your pieces spick and span! No matter if it’s glass, metal, or another material, we guarantee to have something to get it clean. We also have an array of compacted cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol for those that prefer to clean after every use.

When it comes to tools, whether your preference is metal or glass, flashy or basic, Capitol Smoke will have a dab tool fit perfectly for you. Our basics include simple titanium and glass straws while our fancier selection includes handmade glass dabbers. If you plan on using concentrates, temperature control is key. Using high end culinary torches such as Blazer and Special Blue are a must.

With precise control, durable construction, and high capacities, our torches will have you cooking with gas in no time. Accurately knowing the temperature of your glass will help tremendously as it prevents over or under cooking your concentrates. Machines like the terp timer by Octave, a terpometer, or Dab Rite will assure your session goes as smoothly as possible.


Cleaners & Containers

Whether you’re looking to use a solvent, like butane or propane, or going solventless, Capitol Smoke will have what’s needed to get you going in your concentrate endeavor. From industrial to personal size presses, Capitol Smoke will have you covered no matter the budget or square footage available to you. Micromesh screens and pure solvents to microfiber bags and parchment, or glass tubing and clamps, Capitol Smoke has everything required for your extraction process. We also carry things to help with decarboxylation and infusions. The magical butter machine is just one of many such machines we carry in our stores.

Keeping your products fresh and in airtight containers will always enhance your smoking experience. We have brands such as Skunk and C-vault if you’re in need of something to keep the aromas escaping into the atmosphere. If you need it decorative, functional or both, our containers will keep you smoking fresh every time.


Cool Stuff!

We carry only the best quality scales to ensure accuracy every time. Whether you need a larger tabletop scale for kitchen projects or something more compact for measuring gems and coins on the go, Capitol Smoke has something to fit your scale capacity and size needs.

We carry a large selection of wraps and cigarillos like Game, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods. With plenty of authentic papers to choose from, it’ll be easy to find your Zig Zags, Elements, or RAW essentials.

We have a variety of smoke odor candles, incense, discrete safes, and all kinds of other products to meet your needs. Our store offers an exceptional shopping experience, and you won’t find anything else like it in Raleigh.


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