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Island Tobacco Co.

Thirty years ago, our company opened its first location, Island Tobacco, with less than one thousand square feet in Nags Head, North Carolina. In that time, we have opened four stores across two states with plans of further expansion. In this process, we have acquired an array of smoking apparatus throughout the industry’s history.

Staying motivated and on top of current trends in the business has allowed us to stay ahead of our competitors when it comes to what is new as well as what is hard to find. This experience has also helped us to keep rarer accessories on hand for those collecting and operating products no longer manufactured.

We carry some of the largest names in the glass industry at all our locations. Brands such as Mothership, Roor, Jerome Baker, and Sheldon Black line our shelves. Medicali, Cheech, & Alien Flower Monkey act as medium range fillers while also carrying more economical American made glass like Aqua, Envy, & Glasslab 303. With all these options, we guarantee to have something to fit the size, shape, and style you’re searching for.



Glass is how we made our mark, but we excel in cigars as well. We have been the Outer Banks’ largest supplier of cigars for the past 30 years. Fishing tournaments, bike week, golf, weddings, or just here to relax, we have a cigar for you.

We carry Cohiba, Ashton, Rocky Patel, Gurkha, Padron as well as flavored cigars like Drew Estates, Tatianas, and CAO and with eleven custom built humidors, you will be sure to find something that will satisfy your palate.

We also have cigar accessories such as desktop humidors, travel humidors, golf cart cigar holders, and all kinds of cutters to choose from. Our famous Nags Head wind stands no chance when you’re using a Colibri torch to light your cigar!

Our companies pride themselves in supporting the local art scene in Nags Head and the rest of North Carolina. At each of our shops, you’ll find some of the best local glass available. Whether it’s an artist just passing through or someone at a hot shop in town, if the art is up to our standards, it will be in our stock.



Between 30 years of making contacts and traveling to some of the largest glass conventions, our company has amassed quite the heady collection. If you want precision wig wag, UV reactive, stacked percolators, millie marbles, or any other unique mixture styles, we will have something for you. From well-known names such as Burtoni and Dan Barto to up-and-coming artists like Chad G and Terry Sharp, if you’re looking for your function to have top quality flair attached, we will have you covered.

We also carry a vast assortment of non-glass pipes from old school acrylics like Graffix and Tobacco Master to the newer silicone models. In addition, we carry pipes made of stone as well as metal. We have a pipe for you no matter the material.

Once fitted with the perfect smoking apparatus to suit your desires, you’ll need to start accessorizing. Added attachments to redirect, change, cool, or manipulate your smoke will always come in handy. Let us help you find the perfect dropdown, banger, goo catcher, and carb cap to ensure your session not only works great but looks great doing it.

If it’s a bucket, blender, or terp slurper you’re looking for, we’ll have it in stock for you. Carrying brands like Bear Quartz, Temple, and Nastee for higher end quartz bangers, and others such as Glasslab 303 and Envy for a cheaper borosilicate option.


Tools & Cleaners

As far as cleaners are concerned, we carry the top brands such as Formula 420, Grunge Off, and Formula 710 in either instant or soaking cleaners. We will have something that gets your pieces spick and span! No matter if it’s glass, metal, or another material, we guarantee to have something to get it clean. We also have an array of compacted cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol for those that prefer to clean after every use.

When it comes to tools, whether your preference is metal or glass, flashy or basic, Island Tobacco will have a dab tool fit perfectly for you. Our basics include simple titanium and glass straws while our fancier selection includes the Damascus steel swords and handmade glass dabbers. If you plan on using concentrates, temperature control is key. Using high end culinary torches such as Blazer and Special Blue are a must.

With precise control, durable construction, and high capacities, our torches will have you cooking with gas in no time. Accurately knowing the temperature of your glass will help tremendously as it prevents over or under cooking your concentrates. Machines like the terp timer by Octave, a terpometer, or Dab Rite will assure your session goes as smoothly as possible.



Whether you’re looking to use a solvent, like butane or propane, or going solventless, Island Tobacco will have what’s needed to get you going in your concentrate endeavor. From industrial to personal size presses, Island Tobacco will have you covered no matter the budget or square footage available to you.

Micromesh screens and pure solvents to microfiber bags and parchment, or glass tubing and clamps, Island Tobacco has everything required for your extraction process. We also carry things to help with decarboxylation and infusions. The magical butter machine is just one of many such machines we carry in our stores.

Keeping your products fresh and in airtight containers will always enhance your smoking experience. We have brands such as Skunk and C-vault if you’re in need of something to keep the aromas escaping into the atmosphere. If you need it decorative, functional or both, our containers will keep you smoking fresh every time.

We carry only the best quality scales to ensure accuracy every time. Whether you need a larger tabletop scale for kitchen projects or something more compact for measuring gems and coins on the go, Island Tobacco has something to fit your scale capacity and size needs.


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