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Glass Basics

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An Introduction to Glass Basics...

Glass Products 101


A way of describing a glass pipe that is of higher quality or more artistic than your basic clear glass pipe. Heady pieces tend to take a lot longer to make due to the amount of color and or intricacies involved in making it. Most heady pieces are one of a kind that can use water or not.


Usually, a wooden or acrylic box that holds dry tobacco and a one hitter/bat. The tobacco is grounded up and in one section of the box. This will allow the user to push the end of the bat into the material and have it stick into the end of the bat. This is very convenient for people on boats or outside in windy areas. Bats tend to look like cigarettes.


Handheld pipes with no water in them for dry tobacco, herbs, or flower. They have a hole on the side (called a carb) to clear the smoke out of the pipe. These pipes tend to be inexpensive but the heady pieces can fetch a higher price depending on the amount of color or design of the pipe.


Handheld pipes with no water in them for dry tobacco, herbs, or flower. They have a bowl at one end with the mouthpiece curved upward and away from the bowl. They also have a hole on the side (called a carb) to clear the smoke out of the pipe. These pipes cost a bit more than your traditional spoons.

Chillum / One-Hitter / Bat

These pipes are usually very inexpensive. Very basic design, bowl on one end and mouthpiece on the other and straight. They usually hold one hit of tobacco.  Chillums, unlike spoon pipes, do not often have a carburetor, which results in reduced airflow if not properly packed. They are good for traveling and for those trying to quit.


A glass pipe with a chamber to hold water when smoking dry tobacco or other plant material. Water pipes offer additional filtration of smoke allowing a cleaner way of consuming your smokable material. The water also cools the smoke making it easier on your lungs, throat, and mouth.


A water pipe with a base that is wider than the neck and mouthpiece of the water pipe. Traditionally they are triangle or rounded. The advantage to this style is that the base allows the pipe to hold a lot more water. The more water the better the filtration and the cleaner the smoke. Cleaner smoke will also taste better.

Straight Tube

A water pipe that is has a base the same size as the mouthpiece.


Come in three standard sizes, 10, 14, and 18 millimeter these are used to old your smoking material. Typically, the material will be dry tobacco, herbs, or flower. The bowl part of the slide can be different shapes, colors, and even have its own features such as multiple holes creating a built-in screen. They get their name because they slide in and out of the down stem of a water pipe so you are able to clear the smoke from the pipe.

Ash Catcher

An addon to a waterpipe. The purpose of this addon is to prevent ashes from getting into your pipe and keeping the pipe’s water cleaner. Ashe catchers hold water as well offering additional filtration of you smoke.

Down Stem

The part of the waterpipe that holds the slide in place and goes into the water of the pipe. They can be basic with one hole or have designs like slits along the bottom near the hole or be multiple holes on the fancier down stems. They can also be custom made with color patterns that match the color of the pipe. Down stems on rigs tend to be fixed in place whereas on beakers and straight tubes they are removeable.

Rubber Grommet

The most inexpensive style of water pipe and really just a “get the job done” pipe. They require the down stem to be held in place with a rubber grommet of some type. The slide has a long thing stem that goes into the down stem of the pipe. The stem of the slide has a rubber O ring around the stem. These parts are not interchangeable with glass-on-glass water pipes.

Glass on Glass

This style of water pipe has a glass slide and down stem that have a tight enough fit and do not require a rubber grommet. Not only do they have thicker glass, but they are a lot larger in size than a rubber grommet pipe. They can be inexpensive basic clear glass to heady collaboration works of art.


A percolator is built into the neck or base of a water pipe. They offer additional filtration and cooling of smoke creating a smoother hit. They work by creating more and smaller bubbles as the smoke passes through. This gives the water more surface area on the smoke which does a better job filtering the smoke.

Ice Pinch

The ice pinch is the last point the smoke will pass before coming out of the mouthpiece. it is there for you to put ice into your pipe without it preventing the flow of smoke. Having ice in your pipe will make your hits so smooth you won’t even know you are smoking. Your lungs, throat, and mouth will thank you later.


A glass pipe that has a chamber for water and is used to smoke concentrates. Rigs tend to be but not always smaller than a water pipe. They started off with a place for a titanium or glass nail and a glass dome that went over the nail. The nail was heated up with a torch and a dab of concentrate placed on the end of a “dab tool” and touched to the hot nail.


A Recycler Rig combines the ultra-smooth hit with the flavorful and potent dab. Because of the additional filtration, recycler hits are also cleaner. Aptly named for the loop inside of the piece which causes the smoke to recycle. The smoke travels into the water reservoir, smoke and water travel with each other through percolators, the second chamber, and ultimately the separation tube. The thorough filtration process makes for a smooth hit. Because the hits are much cooler, smokers can generally smoke more concentrates at a time.


A Banger is a dish used to vaporize cannabis concentrate on a Rig. Bangers can vary in design but are generally circular and made of quartz, glass, ceramic, or titanium. The various materials retain heat differently and require different cleaning techniques. Quartz is currently considered the superior material for making bangers. Unlike a glass banger, a quartz banger will not break after repeated exposure to high temperatures.

Dab Tool

A tool used to pick up a dab of concentrate. These tools come in many shapes and sizes. The best dab tools are made from a variety of heat resistant and durable materials including titanium, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and quartz, each with their own pros and cons. For example, glass dabbers can complement your glass rig, but are more liable to break than titanium or stainless-steel varieties.


A mat or storage container that is used with concentrate.

Banger Hanger

Banger Hanger Rigs feature a female joint set at a level 90-degree angle which provides the perfect platform for “banger” style domeless quartz nails, both in terms of function and aesthetic appeal. This style of rig, with its level female joint, is also ideal in many situations for the addition of a glass drop down adapter for the use of an electronic nail or “e-nail”.

Fixed Down Stem

All in one piece with nothing to drop, lose or break, fixed down stem water pipes require no setup and have become extremely popular. Often featuring a 90-degree angle they are great for use with an ash catcher. It also gives the smoker a great top-down view of the percolation in action.

Terp Slurper

A Terp Slurper Banger is somewhat like a modified version of the bucket, which is a very popular dabbing nail accessory that is usually used to prevent wastage of concentrates. The topmost section is similar to a standard banger. The middle part is a cylinder that extends all the way to the bottom. It has slits or holes at the bottom. The last part is a dish that is connected to the cylinder. To use: heat the bottom dish for about 20-30 seconds. Wait for 30-40 seconds before placing your cap on top to completely block the airflow. Dab your concentrates into the bottom dish and inhale.


Terp Pearls are essentially little balls that spin around inside of a banger when taking a dab. They help to distribute heat and disperse concentrates for big draws. Terp Pearls usually come in 4-6mm thickness and are commonly made of quartz, borosilicate glass and ruby.

Carb Cap

A Carb cap is a dabbing accessory that restricts airflow and traps heat around domeless nails or bangers, allowing the concentrates to vaporize at a lower temperature and preserving the quality and flavor of the concentrates. The term carb cap comes from the word carburetor. A carb cap is to a rig what a carburetor is a car.